Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Traveling Ninja

In a few short days I will be traveling to Central America for the remainder of the month.  This trip is sort of like a mission trip for teachers.  Every summer, a group of teachers heads to Guatemala to teach in local schools and tour the surrounding area.  I've known about the trip for years, but this is the first summer that my schedule has permitted me to go on the trip.  It also helps that my parents have agreed to drive me to the airport and watch my dog while I am away.

I am still waiting to find out my teaching assignment.  The choices range from elementary school to working with pre-service teachers.  I could be placed in a private or public school.  Regardless of where I'm placed, I'm looking forward to learning about a school system in an area of the world that many of my students call home.  I am also looking forward to visiting some of the local sites, trying some of the cuisine and improving my (horrible) Spanish.

I am excited about this trip, but have taken every precaution as well.  Malaria pills?  Check.  Hepatitis shots?  Got them two weeks ago.  I even purchased a water bottle that will filter and purify water at the touch of a button.  I am not 100% sure about the conditions down in Central America, so I may be "off the grid" for a while as far as reliable Internet access.  I will update you all about my trip as often as possible (yes, I'll post pictures).  Enjoy your break and stay cool.

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