Ninja's Recommended (Free) Online Resources

Here are some resources that I've successfully used in my middle school classroom:

Teacher Time Savers
DivisionID=15672&DepartmentID=16520&SubDepartmentID=7612&ToggleSideNav=ShowAll: Free interactive PowerPoint presentations A variety of free and printable "teacher" forms This site provides dozens of video math and language arts classrooms.  It's Common Core aligned and practice for flipped classrooms and student practice. Create project rubrics Create online quizzes Printable worksheets and activities; geared towards newcomers and beginner ESL students

Student Reading Practice This site provides free readers theatre scripts Testing is a necessary evil, it's best to prepare our students Free worksheets and flashcards, geared towards beginner students Practice reading, grammar, and even math.  This site offers several free features and a premium membership for $79 a year. This site has games and an online books, including a special version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Student Writing Practice Free interactive graphic organizers Free grammar practice More grammar practice Writing prompts and guides for a variety of genres

Student Listening Practice Free listening practice (all levels) : Geared towards newer language learners Concentration game Practice English with the Simpsons

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  1. Check out for some good listening practice. Actually, although it's designed for listening practice, it helps reinforce all language domains. If you want to discuss how I used it, please let me know and I'm happy to share ideas.