Saturday, July 12, 2014

Getting Settled in Guatemala

After an unexpected delay due to mechanical issues, my flight down to Guatemala was rather pleasant.  My group endured an additional three hour journey to the town with a stop at an upscale shopping mall for dinner.  Our choices included exotic restaurants such as TGI Friday's and McDonald's.  I elected to try a local chain called El Pollo Campero.  It definitely outranks KFC.

Yesterday, I ventured into town where I met my fellow travelers for lunch.  I also found a shop that was able to jailbreak my mom's old phone and hook me up with two weeks of Internet for a mere $25.  I guess that I'll be more connected than I thought.  I also experienced my first tuk tuk ride.  A tuk tuk is a three-wheel vehicle that reminds me of a golf cart.  My driver Freddy was kind enough to pose for the picture below.

I start teaching on Monday.  I'm still not sure what I'm teaching.  However, the group leader has assured us that the rest of the town will acknowledge us and fill us in as soon as the World Cup is over.

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