Wednesday, June 10, 2015

'Tis the Season: Google Hangout Interviews

The job fair that I recently attended with my principal did not yield a sufficient number of ESOL candidates.  After some prodding, I convinced my principal to contact human resources and ask for a candidate list.  He received a Google Sheet with links to candidates' information.  Since I am a self-directed individual, I went through the list and contacted candidates.

When I contacted my highest ranked candidate, she informed me that she was unable to meet with the interviewing team for at least another two weeks due to her work schedule.  Since she is fully certified in multiple content areas, experienced, and yes, bi-lingual, I was afraid to let this candidate slip away. I noticed her Gmail account asked her if she would be willing to participate in an interview over Google Hangout.  She agreed and "met" with us this past week.

My principal was not only impressed with the candidate, he also liked my outside-the-box thinking. Since we are most likely going to have multiple vacancies to fill this summer, he wants me to show him how to use this tool so that he can keep it as an option for those who have either not relocated yet or are simply away on summer vacation.  While candidates that are cleared for hire are still going to have to come to the school to complete paperwork, this is a good way to vet those individuals.  With my luck, my principal will not only gain a firm grasp of Google Hangout, he will realize that he can contact me on this service as well since I will be spending July in Central America.

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