Thursday, June 4, 2015

Google Classroom: Final Review

After several years of using Edmodo as my online classroom platform, I made the switch over to Google Classroom.  The students at my school have district-issued Gmail accounts and I am in the habit of creating most of my classroom documents in Google Drive, which made the decision to switch a no-brainer.  Here are my thoughts about Google Classroom:


  • Students use the same password across the Google platform and I can easily access the password from my school technology coordinator.  This was a big plus for me since my students made up their own Edmodo password, only to promptly forget it several times a year.  I could change it on my end and finally announced that I would re-set the password to ninjarocks for those students that forgot their password.
  • Creating assignments are easy.  I simply choose my Google Drive file and click on assign.  Students can complete and turn in assignments without having to download or upload files.
  • There is a Google Classroom app available, so students without a full computer can complete assignments on their mobile device.  I can also check assignments while standing in line at the grocery store.
  • Google automatically organizes each assignment into a separate Drive folder.  This make it easy to keep track of students' assignments.
  • There is no app store.  Edmodo added this feature last year and I liked the idea of giving my students access to apps and tools from within a familiar platform. 
  • There is no quiz feature.  The closest you'll get is uploading a Google Form.
  • Unlike Edmodo, there are no ways to connect with colleagues or communities from within Google Classroom.  There's always Google+, but that's a separate platform.
  • There is no parent access.  I never used this Edmodo feature, but keep in mind that at this time Google Classroom is only available to individuals with a Google Apps for Education account.

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