Friday, October 17, 2014

The War on Teachers

As an avid newspaper reader, it can sometimes be demoralizing to read what some of the public has to say about our public schools, especially our urban ones.  While there are obviously ways that we can continue to improve the public school system, the tactic of bullying teachers and undermining the public's right to neighborhood schools while reducing the necessary funding is not the way to get there.  Whenever I read or hear news of the public pushing back and publicly supporting teachers, it gives me a reason to believe that we do indeed make a difference and it is recognized by society.  I recently came across this video of Philadelphia students protesting the fact that their district has been cash-starved for years and their teachers' contracts were recently literally torn up in the middle of the night.  The best part is, this protest occurred during a public screening of Won't Back Down, a film that has been lauded for exaggerating the worst of our public school system and putting it out to the masses as business as usual in every school in America.  Check it out:

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