Saturday, October 25, 2014

Please Tell Me How You Really Feel...

In the true spirit of better late than never, my school has spent the past few weeks filling vacancies that have existed since the beginning of the year.  My new principal is absolutely charmed by my brutal honesty, landing me on the candidate selection committee once again.  Unlike spring candidates who are just trying to make the cut, fall candidates seem to realize that the ball is a little more in their court and make some bolder statements.  Here are the responses that got my vote:

  • "Even though you didn't directly ask me, I just want to let you know that I am a very passionate educator.  In fact, I think that teachers who only come to school for the paycheck should have stepped aside last spring so that I would not still be looking for a job."
  • "How will I find time to do everything?  Easy.  The reading specialist should be the second person in the building every morning, right behind the principal."
  • "Why am I qualified?  I have a proven track record in three different states of raising student achievement.  I also have a dozen references who will attest to that.  Go ahead and call them."
  • "I've previously worked in this district.  I know what it takes to work here and I'm back for more."

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