Sunday, August 17, 2014

Website Updates

Two days after the staff at my school concluded SIOP training, I received fan mail from one of my colleagues.  She enjoyed the training and wanted to learn more about language objectives so that she can begin meeting the needs of her English language learners on day one.  That's the type of thing that makes every ESOL ninja's heart flutter.

While I did spend my weekend relaxing, I also answered her questions by creating a language support resource website that the teachers at my school can reference when planning lessons.  I included links to the WIDA ELD standards, tutorials on writing language objectives, graphic organizers and even education-related Spanish vocabulary lists to enhance parent communication.  I sent her the link and will unveil the site to the rest of the staff at some point next week.

While I was logged into blogger, I decided to upgrade this site.  As loyal followers can see, I changed over the template and slightly tweaked the layout.  I also added a link-up for all of you fellow bloggers.  Feel free to add your blog to my site.

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