Wednesday, August 27, 2014

National Board Field Tests

My district has been encouraging teachers to become National Board certified teachers for the past few years.  Despite targeted encouragement from some of my colleagues that have successfully completed the National Board process, I have yet to take the plunge.  This is partly because I have been pursuing other professional certifications such as administration and partly because I am intimidated by the entire process.

I recently learned that the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is in the process of revamping the certification process and in need of people to field test the exams.  They are specifically targeting the busy and intimidated individuals that want to take the process for a test drive (free of charge).  I filled out a short questionnaire about my teaching experience and was notified a day later that I have been accepted into the program.  My last obstacle is finding a time and date to take the field test as of course, the only available slots are on weekdays during school hours.  If you are interested in applying to take the field test, here is the link.

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