Friday, April 25, 2014

Return from Break Wrap Up

I returned to work this week after a much needed ten day break.  While it was only a four day week, a lot of events happened to go down.  Here are the highlights:
  • The majority of the students completed their project, which was to write an original play.  This not only reinforced skills, it provided me with some morning entertainment all week while I corrected them.
  • I had the opportunity to visit the local feeder high school with my eighth grade students.  While on the tour, I ran into several former students. As always, I was pleased to find out that they're doing well and planning the next stages in their lives (college and the Army).
  • While I was on my high school tour, Mrs. T took over third period.  She spent the week before break observing this loquacious group and decided that my absence was the perfect opportunity to implement a new seating chart.  She created student groups that I never considered.  Having two sets of eyes (and two different perspectives) is definitely an asset, especially with a large class.
  • My eighth graders viewed La Cosecha (The Harvest) this week to gain insight on the lives of migrant workers before they begin reading Francisco Jimenez's autobiographical novel Breaking Through next week.  If it fits your curriculum, I highly recommend it as my students found it powerful.  I streamed it through Netflix.
  • I learned that my classroom will be visited by the state department of education next week.  They also want me to carve out time to sit down for an interview about my curriculum and classroom practices.  I'm not completely sure how I ended up in this situation, but it's guaranteed to be professionally enriching.  
  • Enjoy your weekend!

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