Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Classroom Fitness

It looks like winter is finally ready to make its exit for another year.  Like most of the country, my area experienced an abnormally cold winter.  Between the weather and the fact that I got home most days after dark, I was not very motivated to work out during the week.  A few weeks ago I decided to re-evaluate my fitness goals and purchased a Fitbit Flex.  A Fitbit is a very fancy pedometer.  It tracks how many steps you take each day and equates that to calories burned.  The Fitbit sets your minimum daily goal at 10,000 steps and awards virtual badges for meeting this goal as well as going above and beyond. The FItbit also buzzes and lights up when the minimum daily goal is met.  Sometimes I meet my daily goal when I happen to have students in the room.  This gives us all a reason to celebrate (confession: some students are confused about why we're celebrating, but roll with it anyway).

Since I am a competitive person by nature, I find the challenge of reaching at least 10,000 steps to be very motivating.  Like many of you, I spend the majority of my day at school, so I work towards meeting my goal during the day.  So far I've been doing a pretty good job.  Of course I've had some unexpected help as after taking up my new fitness routine, my (brand new) classroom phone malfunctioned, forcing me to walk to visit my colleagues and the office when I had questions and concerns.  I also rearranged my classroom so that I can move around the room more freely.  My re-commitment to exercise had made a difference.  I feel better and have more energy.  Now that the weather is finally turning warmer and the days are getting longer, I am looking forward to maintaining and adding to this routine.
                                           The Fitbit Flex comes in different colors

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