Monday, January 23, 2017

Teaching Social Studies Using Hamilton

A quick review of my most recent bank statement confirmed that I will most likely not be taking the train to New York City to see Hamilton, the hottest show on Broadway any time soon.  However, several months ago the administration decided to pull me from my math assignment and asked me to co-teach a social studies class.  This is a United States history class and we are currently learning about the founding of our country.  This presents the perfect opportunity to use material from Hamilton in a classroom setting.

For those of you unfamiliar with Hamilton, it is a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant who became one of our nation's founding fathers.  This Tony Award winner is set to hip-hop music and can be an extremely engaging avenue into the virtues of the Federalist and anti-Federalists.  The full soundtrack is in the YouTube clip below.  Here are some links to teaching materials:

Hamilton vs. Jefferson: Using Hamilton the Musical in the Classroom
Larry Ferlazzo's Hamilton Resources
Resources from The New York Times' Learning Network
Resources from Mount Vernon (these resources coincide with the soundtrack)


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