Saturday, September 10, 2016

WIDA ACCESS Data Template

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to work with a core group of teachers that provide content instruction to the majority of my school's ESOL students.  As this group of teachers have honed their ESOL instructional strategies, they have learned how to utilize WIDA ACCESS data and Can Do descriptors to plan their instruction.  We have now reached the point where the teachers ask me for their students' data before the rosters are officially carved in stone.

In past years, I have attempted to create my own WIDA ACCESS score matrix to distribute to my colleagues.  Unfortunately, I am not very creative and I figured that a simple Google search would yield me a better result than last year's attempt to make my own matrix.  Luckily, I came across this freebie created by Mrs. Castro.  Not only does this template provide a space to type in students' names, it includes a snapshot of the Can Do descriptors for each language proficiency level.  My colleagues agree that this matrix is an excellent resource for them to reference as they plan instruction.  We will continue to use it as a focus point for our instructional conversations deep down in the trenches.

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