Thursday, April 23, 2015


I have recently ramped up my Spanish studies to include Skype lessons through iTalki and self-study through the Living Language program.  I also use the Duolingo program to practice my new skills. For those of you not familiar with Duolingo, the site allows individuals to practice language skills through gamification techniques.  Individuals progress through levels, can keep up a daily log-in streak, compete for points against others and earn lingots, currency that can be used in the virtual store.  In short, it is an easy site for competitive individuals such as myself to become addicted to.

While working through my addiction, I discovered that the site offers a dashboard area for teachers to set up classes and track student progress.  My advanced students would probably work their way through the twenty-five English levels fairly quickly, but I could easily see newcomer, beginner and even lower intermediate students being challenged by the site's tasks.  Best of all, the site is free so there is little risk in trying it out.  I may even suggest that the newcomer and beginner teachers at my school consider setting up their students with accounts prior to summer break.  Check out the video below for more information.

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