Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Today was a rather rough day in the trenches.  The students began taking the PARCC assessment.  My school, like others across the country experienced glitches.  This early morning chaos combined with the students' sheer exhaustion from taking the assessment was the perfect recipe for a less than perfect class period.

While getting over my day with the comfort of my ever faithful dog and a glass of moscato, I came across an article about one of this year's finalists for National Teacher of the Year.  Kathy Nimmer of Indiana not only inspires students towards greatness, she has overcome a disability (blindness) to do so.  Stories like this continue to remind me that while every day may not be a perfect day in the classroom, every day is an opportunity to improve my craft and make a difference.  Kathy Nimmer, good luck in this year's competition.


  1. Sorry for the chaos in this busy time! An important time to fill up with inspiration!
    Heard you might be doing #SOL15? I didn't notice your link there - if you want to post there and need any help, just let me know!

  2. I just posted it. Thanks for the reminder!