Monday, February 2, 2015

Submitting Grades

This past week marked the end of the second quarter.  My district switched over to an online grading portal several years ago.  As I enter grades, the students' averages are automatically calculated and families can check the grades at any time.  My grade submission duties are essentially whittled down to entering some comment codes and clicking the submit button.  Or I should say, that's how it usually goes.

One of the teachers in my department resigned several months ago.  A long-term sub (a retired teacher) is currently teaching the class, but as department chair I am responsible for submitting grades.  There is a glitch with one of the classes that cannot be fixed at the current moment.  Luckily that class is fairly small, so I calculated the grades by hand.  However, if this continues, I may be forced to turn to an alternate method of calculating grades.  If that is the case, I will choose among the Google Drive, Excel and online routes.

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