Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm on Vacation, Yet Still at Work...

Although the students ended their school year last week, I am still finishing up some loose ends so that I can (eventually) enjoy my summer break as well.  Today, I worked with members of my department and the master scheduler to finalize next year's plan.  It took over four hours, but in the end we found a way to utilize the staff that we've been allotted next year in the most equitable fashion possible.  Everyone walked out of the meeting excited about the opportunity that they will have to make an impact on student achievement next year.

I will spend the remainder of the summer working on a curriculum project with the county ESOL office in addition to planning for my own classes in the fall (I like to curriculum map over the summer, it makes the school year less stressful).  In between, I will dedicate time to visiting family, exploring Central America and relaxing.  Throughout the summer I will post resources that I find helpful in my planning for next year as well as updates about my trip abroad (I will get to spend a portion of the trip working in local schools).  Stay tuned and if you're like me and living in an area where the temperature has already topped 90 degrees, stay cool!

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