Monday, March 24, 2014

What is an ESOL Ninja?

I discovered the world of English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) while student teaching in New York City.  I grew up in a small New England town where almost everyone has a wicked thick accent so until this point in my life, it did not dawn on me that there are special programs for non-native English speakers in our public school system.  In need of a job after I graduated in an area that I could actually afford on a teacher's salary, I headed south and haven't looked back since (especially in the winter).  Upon finishing graduate school in one year while teaching full time (not recommended), I transferred over  to a position teaching middle school ESOL.

While in the process of transitioning to a new area of education, I discovered that ESOL is considered to be a shortage area in many states.  Not only does this make me employable during a recession, it makes me popular in a building where a third of the students are still in the process of learning English.  The nation's ESOL population is growing and the education world is in desperate need of ESOL ninjas.  This blog will share teaching tips, advice, and personal anecdotes from a real-life ESOL ninja in the trenches.  

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